Warranty Policy


The express warranty period for automotive, commercial products shall be for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase (the warranty period).

The ‘date of purchase’ is the date on which the person who first commences use of the product purchased the product as stated on the receipt tax invoice issued to them.  Customers buying used products should check the date on which the product was purchased.

The warranty period expires at 12:00am (midnight) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on the last day of the warranty period and thereafter the product is no longer covered by our express warranty.  The product may still be covered by Consumer Guarantees (to the extent applicable).

The customer must notify the point of purchase/distributor of any defect coming within the provisions of this warranty within 30 days of the fault occurring. A copy of the relevant invoice number as proof of the date of purchase must be provided with the retuned goods.

Our express warranty is given on a ‘return-to-base’ basis, meaning that you are responsible for uninstalling (if applicable) the product and returning the product back to us (at your cost) for inspection and if your claim is approved, repair or replacement.  If we collect the product from you, we may charge you a collection fee. This warranty shall not apply to goods which:

  • have been opened by a third party,
  • contaminated by oil, water or grease,
  • fitted in excessive vibration environments,
  • or improperly connected

Glass and capillary breakages are excluded from the provisions of this warranty.


12 month warranty period.

If a claim is made to us with respect to a defect in our products and:

  • the claim is made before expiry of the warranty period; and
  • the claim is made in accordance with all terms and conditions in this warranty statement;

we will, at our option (subject to the Consumer Guarantees) repair or replace the defective product.


Our express warranty does not apply to returns or exchanges because you have changed your mind about your purchase.  When purchasing a product, you undertake that you have independently satisfied yourself that the product meets all of your requirements and have not replied on any representations by us or our authorised resellers except as stated in writing. 


Product replacement is subject to availability and we reserve the right to offer you an alternative product or a refund if we are unable to provide you with the same product.

Replacement products that are new will be the subject of a new warranty term starting from the date of exchange, being the date that the exchange is processed in our system as stated in the warranty exchange receipt supplied to you.

If we offer you or you accept a replacement product which is not in new condition, we may stipulate what the terms of our express warranty will be for the replacement product and this may be that there is no express warranty or the warranty period is shorter.


To prevent fraud, abuse and misuse of our warranty terms, we reserve the right to require evidence of your identity when making a return, refund or exchange under warranty or for any other reason.

We may ask you to present photo identification (for example drivers licence or passport) and we may take a copy of that identification and / or record your name, identification type, identification number and expiry date and verify your signature.  Acceptable identification must include your full name with an expiry date at least one day in the future.


Your personal information collected in the course of warranty claims and other post sale transactions will be kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  If you wish to access your information held by us in relation to your transactions from time to time or to correct any errors or account details, please contact us at:

VDO Sales
E-mail: enquiry@vdosales.com.au